Monday, 6 October 2008

Explosion in Century Park

Dongfang Daily is reporting that a truck carrying fireworks exploded yesterday in Pudong's Century Park, leaving one dead, bit no word on if anyone else was injured in the blast.

In other news, the British Communist Party held a party for China's National Day, celebrating 59 years of Communist rule in the country. The head of the British party, Harpal Brar, gave a statement claiming that China has achieved more than a lot of other countries in the past 50 years, and said "China has achieved the basic human rights, it is a living example of socialism."

He went on to decry Western capitalism and described China as a bastion of success, compared to capitalist countries which are currently facing "chaos and despondency".

Of course, no mention of China's capitalist leanings, or its inexorable ties to the Western "chaos".

And of course, the end of Golden Week brings praise on the country's tourist industry, with record numbers of people travelling around China, battling others for train, plane and bus tickets.
According to the People's Daily, 18.29 million tourists visited 119 cities. Beijing got most of them, with the Olympic village sites the "must-see places for every Chinese".

The Shanghai Daily makes clear that they also gt their fair share though, with 5 million visitors, an increase of 7% on last year.

In non-news-news, I've had my first experience of crime in the city: my bike got stolen. I should have listened to the bike man and got another lock, but whoever stole it really didn't have any taste, it was the worst bike I've seen in China (which I thought would make it steal-proof). I was wrong.

Truck explodes killing one (Chinese)
British commies celebrate China's National Day (English)
Lots of people travelled around the country (English)
And lots of people went to Shanghai too (English)

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