Wednesday, 5 November 2008

China loves Obama, but isn't so sure who/what he is...

So a couple of hours ago Obama was elected in as President-Elect, with a fairly healthy clout of electoral college votes and it's all over the front page of Chinese news websites.

Unfortunately Xinhua seems to have made a mistake in their huge headline, which reads "Obama elected as 56th President of the United States."

The coverage seems pretty comprehensive, but despite overlooking the fact that the 56th President won't be elected until 2056, some chinese journos are confused as to what Obama is.

The video seems to be deleted now, or there's a problem with it at the minute, but Danwei are reporting that when CCTV-4 broke the news that Obama had clinched victory, they declared him as "the first black female pre... uh, first black president in American history."

Xinhua front page
Danwei on CCTV-4

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