Wednesday, 10 December 2008

Some horrible, horrible self plugging

So it's the middle of December, I'm almost done with my stint at Fudan (which turned out to be less of a stint and more of a joke), and I'm also wrapping up things at the Shanghai Daily before heading to the Christmas land of Taiwan for the holidays.

And because of the festive cheer that surrounds the festive period, why don't you all festively click on this festive link, then click on the big "plus" button underneath where it says how many points I have...

Seriously though, if you've enjoyed reading this blog over the last four months then give me a vote in the Chinalyst 2008 blog awards. Who knows, if I get enough votes, I might keep blogging in the new year...


  1. why was it a joke? i'm interested because i might be doing some kind of internship there (not necessarily at fudan though). would you not recommend it?