Friday, 30 January 2009

Exactly why I posted the last post.

A selection of comments from my last post.

"I don't know the exact Z-visa regulations... The "28-year old" rule is new to me, I have people working for me who are younger than 28 and who have a Z-visa."

"The only companies who can get a Z visa are those that have a lot of revenue. Also, the 28 year old rule and two years from graduation date are true."

"There is no "28-years" rule as far as I know, only a "25-years" rule: you needed to be born before 1983 in 2008 to be eligible for a Z-visa. You also need 2 years work experience."

"About the Z visa, there is neither a minimum age limit nor have I EVER heard of a "time-since-graduation" requirement, at least never once when I got mine."

I don't really know if i have to write anything here. But for a little game, which one of the above comments is right? Don't know? Nope, neither do I.


  1. hey, so what's up with your visa lately? i'm having the same problem right now :>

  2. I read your reporting in Edinburgh's University newspaper. It is a equitable and unbiased report for China. Thanks for your effort in introducing Chinese society development.

  3. Haha, find you from the Journal From Edinburgh University.

    Nice to meet you!