Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Youtube down again

Youtube seems to have been blocked on the mainland again, as I have just found out by getting the dreaded "Connection Interrupted" error when I tried to log on.

Testing through a proxy shows that it is definitely not a server problem, so I went on a looksy for videos that might have caused the decision. Not much luck though, unless it's a video entitled "I want to have 50 babies" ...bitterness on the One Child Policy maybe?


  1. That's my impression from Shenzhen as well

  2. I was thinking it was perhaps a preemptive shut down for the coming anniversary of the Tibetan riots.

  3. I'm going to go with the anniversary of the Tibetan riots as well. I don't understand why China needs to block youtube as well. They have complete control over domestic media and I'm sure that it's enough to counter any negative influence that youtube could have. Normally I'm entirely behind the government, because it works better than other countries, but internet censorship is a no brainier, it's easily circumvented and it generates more anti Chinese feeling from the west